A non-partisan and non-denominational organisation for women by women


The inception of SOLWODI, an initiative originating from Mombasa, Kenya where a Centre for women called Solidarity with Women in Distress was founded as a non-governmental organisation, dates back to 1985. SOLWODI was founded in 1985 by Sr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Lea Ackermann in Kenya and in 1988 in Germany (SOLWODI Deutschland e. V.).

Now active in many countries all across the world, SOLWODI implements practical steps that lead to the improvement of the status of women and children in various situations of emergency, including prostitution.

The Society for Women and Girls in Distress, SoWoGidi, is the name under which SOLWODI operates in Nigeria. 

SoWoGidi is a non-partisan and non-denominational organisation for women by women, we run a specialized information and counselling center for survivors of

  • human trafficking
  • gender-based violence, exploitation and human rights violations      

Nigeria is now sadly the worlds capital for poverty. Unemployment, illiteracy and a plethora of other reasons ensure that women are the most vulnerable which is why SoWoGidi is offering empowerment services through psychosocial counselling, vocational training and business start-up support.

What We Offer

  • Free consultations

SoWoGidi offers free consultation and individual support to enable true empowerment, equipping women with the skills for emancipation from social and economic challenges they encounter.

  • Transportation costs

If needed, allowance for transportation to vocational training programs or transport fares to enable a safe return to their states of origin can be granted to our clients.

  • Vocational training

If a woman would like to learn a skill, she is offered vocational training in a skill tailored to her level of education. She will be encouraged to join in a peer group for mutual support.

  • Business start-up support with the Nigerian German Centre

We refer women who meets the requirements, to the Nigerian–German Centre for jobs, Migration and Reintegration to access training and business start-up support. 


In order to ensure a smooth reintegration process, women are given pertinent up to date information, and specialised advice.

Referrals to partner NGOs or GOs

If a woman requires services other than the ones we offer, she is referred to our partner NGOs and followed up to ensure she gets the help that is required to achieve proper reintegration.


The consultation with each woman in distress is geared towards understanding her situation, discussing her expectations, facilitating the development/utilisation of her potential and ensuring she joins a peer group for mutual support.

SoWoGidi helping the Nigerian Woman to realise her potential

We fill in the gaps, enabling women to grow despite the hardships faced.

We are because you support us

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